The fine mesh PVC pool covers and pond covers are suitable only for stopping debris, small animals and rodents etc. These are not to be used as safety nets to catch children or adults etc.

If you email a plan drawing of the area you wish to cover and include full dimensions we will price from this. We can notch the material and cut into shapes etc if required. The sheets will come with reinforced edges and eyelets wherever required.

If you are looking to add the net as a safety precaution then we do a safety netting that comes complete with the net, tension system, fixings and full instructions on how to fit and attach the nets.
All that is required is the overall size of the length and width of the area needed covering and we will work out a price for you.
The net supplied will be a rectangular net that will require cutting to shape. These nets are designed to catch and protect children from falling into the water. Please email for further details.