Sandpit covers can be made from the 100% waterproof 610gsm PVC or the 350gsm reinforced PVC Mesh. Depending on your requirements, this will determine which one is best for you. If you require a cover to stop debris and animals etc then the PVC Mesh is the better option as this allows the area to breathe. If you need to stop water flooding the pit or require something a bit more substantial then the 610gsm solid PVC is perfect.

We have listed some covers below that can be purchased online, but as most sandpits have been made at home they vary in sizes considerably and impossible for us to list. What we have done is given a range of size options to give an idea of cost and to allow a cover to be ordered through the website. All we require is for you to buy the correct size required then email us the exact size of your sandpit and include what depth you would like if different to the 100mm standard drop. All covers come with a 6mm bungee cord included and fixing bobbins can be bought separate if required to hook the cover down. We will supply the covers in the 610gsm PVC unless instructed to send the PVC Mesh in the email with the sizes.

All covers come with brass eyelets on each corner and evenly spaced no more than 500mm apart. As all our covers are bespoke if you require something different just ask, this carries no extra charges or premiums.