With the problems and stresses Covid is still causing us all at the moment we are ensuring firstly that our staff are able to do what they need to do to aid their personal circumstances. We are aware this will have a knock on affect in our business and at worst will cause some delays with email replies and manufacturing times but can only apologise for this. 
With the current environment as it is and what we are all contending with at the moment all I can urge is that if this is likely to cause any issues with customers not able to accept that this may occur then please order or send enquiries to someone else as we are all under a huge amount of pressure at these trying times and I will not accept additional stresses from unreasonable customers expecting everyone to continue as normal.
In regards to manufacture times, we shouldn't experience many issues but with how quickly a situation can change at the moment we cannot offer any guarantees. I would just suggest speaking to our sales staff to get a current update on our situation at the time. 
We will be closing our office an hour earlier than usual to try to help balance things at the moment. 
Thank you for your understanding and we hope you all stay safe.


MONDAY - 9am - 5pm
TUESDAY - 9am - 5pm
WEDNESDAY - 9am - 5pm
THURSDAY - 9am - 5pm
FRIDAY - 9am - 3pm
SUNDAY - Closed


Visits to our unit are always welcome although it is always best to confirm a time with one of the office staff to ensure the correct person will be available to deal with your enquiry.