Covid-19 Update
In response to the new announcements made by the government on the 10th of May, although we as a manufacturer have been instructed we can all go back to work, until I am happy and have more safety measures in place we will not be operating at 100%. To protect our staff and their families we will be increasing our production capacity, but still continuing to keep reduced numbers in the office for safety reasons. We are still unable to monitor the phones and will have limited office duties in place for the time being but emails are being picked up and we are still doing our best to complete all orders in and placed at the moment but please be aware that we have only limited production staff in so orders will take longer.
We have all also been hugely 
 by these changes put in place and will continue to do what we can until we are told we otherwise. We are having delays with our couriers due to lack of staff within their businesses also but we are also doing all we can to overcome this issue but please understand we are doing everything in our power to continue with things as much as we can. 
Please note, any emails sent will be answered as soon as humanly possible but please be patient, these are NOT easy times for anyone! 
Thank you for your understanding and we hope everyone stays safe in these uncertain times.
Note:- If upon placing an order you are not happy to accept that delays will occur with everything, please DO NOT place the order. Contact us first and we will try and give you a rough idea of a date we can get the order manufactured. We are still having to prioritise orders for the food industry and to aid with the Covid-19 issues which will cause delays with everything else.